Student 3D

  • 'Learning from daVinci' ; Project Using Additive and Subtractive Techniques

    Wood, plaster, oil pigments, lacquer. Students extrapolate from,
    and abstract the design drawings from Leonardo daVinci sketch books. 2010
  • Assemblage; Student Exploration of a Theme

    Using the 'language of objects and materials' students combined found
    materials, wood, metal, glass, paint, and combined using fastening
    and finishing methods. 2010
  • 'Laugh'; Assemblage

    By Thajba al Khalifa, metal, paper, paint. 2010
  • 'Laugh', right side; Assemblage

    By Thajba al Khalifa, metal, paper, paint. 2010
  • 'Dream', Assemblage

    By Sarah Matooq, Found materials, metal, clock, photographs. 2010
  • 'Balance', Assemblage

    By Sarah Radhi, Found materials of rubber, cloth, plastic. 2010
  • 'Mystery Message', Assemblage

    By Ammar al Mahmoud, Found materials of metal, printed book text, tree branch. 2010
  • Glass Cradle; Assemblage

    Auto windshield glass, fiberglass resin, wood, automobile tires, 40" l.
  • 'Anthro'; Additive Fabrication

    Brazed Copper, 26" h.
  • Portrait Study; Casting

    Clay, Hydrostone casting, life-size

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