Photo Documentary Ukraine

These documentary photos were taken during the period 2002-2004 and 2011-2012 in the Kyiv oblast region, and in western Ukraine near Lviv and in the Carpathian mountains.


photos from Ukraine; 2001-12
  • Village Babuska Singers

    Digital photo, traditional village singers in town hall
    Kyiv oblast, 2004
  • Wedding with Icons, Peregova

    Digital photo, traditional wedding ceremony at
    Peregova Outdoor Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine 2004
  • Carpati Church Procession

    Digital photo, Carpathian mountains, Ukraine, 2004
  • Ukrainian Couple on Their Carpathian Farm

    Digital photo, Carpathian region, Ukraine 2004
  • Haystacks Carpati-Style

    Digital photo, Hay drying in a field in the Carpathian mountains, Ukraine 2004
  • The Last Judgement

    Digital photo,Icon from mid-1800's
    Uzhgorod, Ukraine 2003
  • Turntable Windmill

    Digital photo, traditional Ukrainian windmill on a rotating turntable at
    the Peregova Outdoor Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine 2004
  • Two Sisters; May Day Memorial, Kyiv

    Digital photo, May 2012, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Lenin statue

    One of the few remaining remnants documenting the Soviet leadership
    in Kyiv, Ukraine. Taras Shevchenko Blvd., Kyiv, Ukraine. 2006
  • Chernobyl Museum

    Tribute museum to the heroes of the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant disaster in 1982
    Chernobyl Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2004
  • Towns Abandoned after the Chernobyl Disaster

    Digital photo, Installation at Chernobyl Museum
    Kyiv, Ukraine 2004
  • May 9 Victory Parade in Kyiv Two Weeks after Chernobyl

    The May 9, 1986 Victory parade was held in downtown Kyiv just 100 miles south
    of Chernobyl despite the April 26 disaster. The public was not notified of the radioactive
    dangers. Chernobyl Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine. 2004
  • Open Air Flea Market in Darnytsa Park

    Icons and folk art for sale at the monthly outdoor flea market
    (rinak) near Darnytsa metro, Kyiv, Ukraine 2004
  • Christ in WInter

    digital photo, Darnytsa Rinak, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2004
  • Sculpture Studio

    Student sculpture studio at the National Academy
    of Art and Architecture, Kyiv, Ukraine 2003
  • Pensioners in Minsk

    Digital photo, Two pensioners in the Minsk National Museum of Art
    Minsk, Belarus, 2004
  • Church Remont

    Digital photo, Lviv, Ukraine 2003
  • The All-seeing Eye Graffiti

    Digital photo, underpass on Permogy Blvd.
    Kyiv, Ukraine, 2012
  • Icon Painter

    Digital photo, Lavra Orthodox Church complex
    Kyiv, Ukraine, 2004
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