Ukraine Euro-Maidan Revolution 2013-14


Photos of the 'revolution of dignity' by Ukrainians in Kyiv, October 2013-March 2014
  • People's Rally on Maidan Plaza

    Ukrainians from every region came to Kyiv to support the revolution against the Yanukovych government
    Kyiv, Ukraine, November 2013
  • Maidan Soup Kitchen

    November 2013, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Ukrainian Patriots as Cossaks on Maidan Plaza

    Ukrainians from the south dressed as Cossacks
    during the Euromaidan to remember the history of an independent Ukraine
    Maidan Plaza, Kyiv, Ukraine, November 2013
  • "Hold On Maidan! The Future of Ukraine is in your Hands!"

    Women, grandmothers, grandfathers, children, all were on Maidan
  • Stand-off with the Berkut forces

    The police security forces served mostly to contain and restrain the protesters who were camped on
    Independence square. The exception was in early November when they cracked the heads of
    students. And again in late February when snipers killed 100+ protesters.
  • 'Revolution', Espresso TV

    Independence square, Kyiv, Ukraine, January, 2014
  • 'Winter on Fire'

    A documentary movie was made about Ukraine's 'revolution of dignity'.
    It's title is "Winter on Fire: Ukraine's Fight for Freedom".
    Independence square, Kyiv, Ukraine, January 2014
  • Memorial shrine for Oleg M., a hero martyr of Ukraine

    Institutskiya street where 100+ protesters were shot by government snipers in late February, 2014.
  • Memorial for Igor K. and Alexander; Heroim Ukraina

    Two small shrines on Institutskiya street dedicated to patriot martyrs. Kyiv, Ukraine, April 2014
  • Homemade Shields of the protestors

    Maidan plaza, May 2014
  • Sergei from Georgia - Heroim Ukraina

    Sergei was a leader in the early protests against the government, and, one of the first to die.
    He had come from Georgia to support Ukraine as he was familiar with the oppressive history of Russian in his own country.
  • Heroium Slava !

    'Glory to the Heroes!' A memorial on Institutskiya street to the
    protesters shot during the EuroMaidan revolution
    Kyiv, Ukraine, 2014
  • The 'Heavenly 100'

    These are the 100+ protesters who gave their life during the EuroMaidan revolution.
    "Slava Ukraina', Heroim Slava!" "Glory to Ukraine, Glory to the Patriot Heroes"
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